Wellness & Education Community Action Health Network
North Carolina

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 WECAHN – Wellness & Education Community Action Health Network - Job Description

Job Title: NR3 Testing Coordinator

Status: 40 hours / week – Full Time – Exempt

Compensation: $30,000 / year salary

Benefits: Vacation Time, Sick Time, Reschedule Time, Mileage Stipend, Phone Stipend, 14 paid Holidays

Location: Office in Siler City, NC

Position requires traveling to 4 Central NC Counties (Forsyth, Iredell, Rowan, Davidson Counties)

Qualifications: Must have Phlebotomy Certification and CTR (Counseling, Testing and Referral)

   Certification (or be willing to become certified in both after hire).

Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree or Associate’s Degree

Direct Supervisor: Executive Director

Position Description:

The NR3 Testing Coordinator is responsible for providing HIV and STD testing, prevention, education and advocacy to all communities served, focusing on promoting HIV testing (rapid and/or traditional), syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and hepatitis C testing and Condom Distributions in the communities served by WECAHN. This position requires the Testing Coordinator to offer CTR services to people receiving substance abuse treatment in Substance Abuse Centers and in the community (on the streets) You will be responsible for linking all positives to care or treatment. This is a professional position working with individuals in Substance Abuse Centers and in the community at high risk of contracting HIV and STDs. This position also is responsible for educational presentations on HIV/STDs and Sexual Health. This position requires self-initiative and often working without direct supervision.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing CTR services and education to the communities served, about HIV/STDs transmission and the importance of HIV/STD testing with the Condom-mobile recruiting at: substance abuse facilities, tiendas, pool halls, streets, restaurants, stores, other agencies or CBOs, convenient stores, gas stations and any other community locations reaching a targeted goal number of people per year.
  • Advertise for HIV testing through local radio, newspapers, ads at restaurants, tiendas, pool halls, church bulletins, local agencies, etc.
  • Recruit the community for HIV/STD testing at WECAHN office, Non-Traditional Sites and substance abuse facilities.
  • Must print off and maintain all SAC program labels, forms and other materials.
  • Must locate, set up meetings, secure signed MOAs, paperwork and schedule appointments with SAC agencies as well as other events / agencies in the communities served.
  • Coordinate testing events such as health fairs and other testing opportunities. Assist in planning and participating in agency event (world AIDS day, fundraisers, Pride events, etc.)
  • Collect and transport all blood and urine specimens, properly labeled, with chain of custody to the WECAHN lab, correctly following WECAHN protocol, policy and procedures.
  • Must process all specimens – centrifuge specimens, pipette plasma into tubes, cap tubes, label all proper containers (tubes and mailers), package specimens, package paperwork and mail both specimen and paperwork to the state lab.
  • Administer pre-and post-test counseling - Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) as well as HIV/STD education, risk reduction and prevention.
  • Testing Coordinator will refer all HIV & STD positive people to treatment or care services and follow-up to assure persons attended their appointments.
  • Maintain all program evaluation for participants including: pre/post questionnaires, client satisfaction surveys, confidential information, testing results & files completely confidential as WECAHN policy states.
  • Track number of participants & phlebotomy tests to make sure contract goals are met and not to exceed testing contract expenditures. Report all testing numbers to Executive Director.
  • Order supplies for testing through the health department, State and vendors with Testing and Prevention Director.
  • Maintain training records/keep track of renewals.
  • Locate, set up and sign MOAs with businesses / agencies as Condom Distribution Sites and testing locations.
  • Distribute an average of 20,000 condoms, 5,000 lubricants and 2,500 brochures a year.
  • Submit required reports to Executive Director on time (accountability forms, off site progress forms, timesheet, mileage reimbursement forms, calendar of activities, accrual forms, monthly program evaluation reports, State Quarterly Reports weekly office & Gmail calendars) and enter all participant data and results into computer system by the deadlines.
  • File all client records per procedure into appropriate binders and enter all Data into WECAHN system.
  • Meet for monthly staff meetings, individual staff meetings, performance reviews, trainings and other mandatory meetings or conferences.
  • Must have flexible schedule – weekend and evening hours will be required on occasion – as needed. Must be available and willing to attend all agency fundraisers, testing events, collaborative events and funder events.
  • Must be able to meet ALL deadlines and ALL paperwork must be turned in on time regularly.
  • Must be mature, professional and appropriate at all times while representing WECAHN
  • Must be able to read, understand and follow ALL WECAHN policies and procedures.
  • Must be able to read grants and contract to understand exactly what job expectations are.
  • Must be able to work effectively with diverse populations without opinion, attitude, judgment or apprehension.
  • Must be able to prepare and complete accurate reports, records and paperwork on time.
  • You must be able to perform all required Phlebotomy tasks and skills for WECAHN.

 Knowledge, Skills, Abilities - The applicant should have:

  • Fluency in Spanish a plus but not required, Fluency in English is required
  • General knowledge of the functions of community health agencies.
  • Some knowledge of the methods, in managing large amounts of data, either manually or electronically.
  • Experience with public or community health education and research methods.
  • Must have knowledge of community health agencies and resources for public assistance.
  • Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions effectively.
  • Ability to work independently with self-discipline in community and office settings, employing attention to detail and organization with little supervision. Must be accountable for all job duties and tasks. Must be able to accept large responsibilities without constant direct supervision
  • Must have excellent organizational, time management and communication skill.
  • Must demonstrate tact, initiative, and sound judgement under challenging circumstances.
  • Ability to effectively and clearly communicate ideas verbally and in writing with WECAHN staff, volunteers, board members’ funders, vendors, collaborating agencies and other outside agencies.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with people on all educational / socioeconomic levels and culturally diverse individuals in the community, while maintaining effective working relationships with supervisor, coworkers, community agencies and the public. Must also be able to communicate and work effectively and appropriately at professional conferences, trainings, and other gatherings.
  • Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and STD’s
  • Must have reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and auto insurance.
  • Weekend and evening hours will be required on occasion.
  • Must be an effective “team worker”, must be able to work with a group to achieve common goals.
  • Must be able to show supervisors, coworkers, participants, collaborators, funders, volunteers and board members respect and have a positive attitude towards WECAHN and the services they provide.
  • Leadership, Motivational, Group Dynamics and Client Retention skill are essential. Must be self-motivated and be able to prioritize completing responsibilities.
  • Must maintain STRICT confidentiality (client and agency)
  • Must be able to network effectively with community human resource agencies.
  • Must be able to perform all job duties necessary for WECAHN as assigned by the Executive Director

 Professional Responsibilities include:

  • Honoring the rights of people served by WECAHN
  • Keeping participant information confidential (HIPAA)
  • Demonstrating an interest in, and tracking, STD and HIV/AIDS issues
  • Attend relevant conferences and meetings
  • Represent WECAHN and Network Regions in the communities served in a professional manner.

Education, Job Knowledge and Attributes include:

  • Phlebotomy Certification
  • CTR (Counseling, Testing & Referral) Certification
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Strong & Proficient computer skills (Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. – CareWare is a plus)
  • Must have sensitivity and compassion towards STD and HIV/AIDS issues, populations at high risk for HIV/STD, ethnicity, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, values, beliefs, behaviors and ability to interact effectively with persons affected by the diseases without opinion, attitude or judgment.
  • Flexibility in schedule and job duties
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Health, Social Work, Human Services or related field is preferred
  • Experience working in the Infection Disease field is a plus

Please send resume, cover letter and 4 professional references to WECAHN PO Box 857, Siler City, NC 27344 or fax to 919-742-3618 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   WECAHN – EOE employer