Wellness & Education Community Action Health Network
North Carolina

Ricky DuckRicky Duck, Executive Director, BS Biology joined WECAHN as a volunteer in June 2008 and became an employee April 2009. Ricky has 12 years experience in the mental health field with 9 of those working for the State of New York. He has also worked as a Genetic Technologist for LABCORP and operated his own Personal Training Facility. Ricky has worked at WECAHN in numerous capacities such as the Testing Assistant, Data Analyst for research with Wake Forest University for 4 years and now the fourth Executive Director. Ricky continues to support the services offered by WECAHN for all people. He is proud to have brought HIV Case Management services back to this agency and to also provide services for other health disparities.


Charlene YanceyCharlene Yancey, ITTS Testing and Prevention Coordinator, started with WECAHN July 2009. She leads the region 6 testing program and she is a Phlebotomist. Char provides ITTS Testing Services in 8 counties including Chatham,  Lee, Orange, Person, Granville, Vance, Warren and Wake. Char brings much knowledge of working with people from her long career in the mental health field. She is very connected in the community and can be seen driving around the community in the agency 'Condom-mobile'.






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