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Why Should You Get Tested?

  • If you are infected, you can get treatment that may help you live longer.
  • You can also learn how to avoid passing the infection to your partners and protect yourself from other STDs.
  • If you are not infected, you can learn how to stay negative.

Who Should Get Tested?

It's recommended that you get tested if you currently or have ever:

  • Had an STD
  • Had many sex partners
  • Shared needles to shoot drugs
  • Shared needles for a piercing or tattoo
  • Had sex with a man or woman without a condom, or
  • If you are pregnant (HIV positive women can pass HIV to their babies)

Are My Results Confidential?

You and the health care professional that conduct the test will know the results. Other than that, they are completely confidential. However, if you test positive your results will most likely be reported to the government agency that tracks HIV/AIDS cases.

Can You Help Stop the Spread of HIV?

Yes, you can help stop the spread of HIV by:

  • getting tested
  • not sharing needles
  • using a latex condom during sex
  • asking your partner or partners about their sexual history
  • not using drugs before or during sex